REASONS VICTIMS STAY (written as female victim but many are men)


1)     Abuser has victim beaten down emotionally, spiritually and mentally

2)     Abuser makes victim feel it is probably her fault

3)     Abuser convinces victim she deserves it or asks for it

4)     Abusers says she is not employable by anyone

5)     Abuser has her convinced she is worthless

6)     Abuser uses guilt, like over the kids, to keep her

7)     Abuser keeps her afraid more of what he will do than what he is doing

8)     Abuser makes sure she never has enough money or credit to get away

9)     Abuser manages his good public image so she won’t be believed

10)   Abuser threatens suicide or homicide if she leaves

11)   Abuser uses distorted religious male privilege to control

12)   Abuser thoroughly convinces victim no one will help her

13)   Abuser maintains that victim must keep family together

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