From "It's Not Okay Anymore" by Greg Enns and Jan Black

This course is maintained at Marta’s House continuously and will be offered at this outreach on demand

Physical, Emotional, Social, Sexual, Spiritual, Financial


Domestic Violence is a pattern of behavior perpetrated by one partner over another in an intimate relationship using power and control exerted against the other with the goal of maintaining power and control.


1)       Physical abuse goes from destroying your belongings and throwing things at you all the way to physical violence requiring medical care or causing death.

2)      Emotional abuse involves taunting, ignoring, insulting, yelling blaming, threatening, accusing, labeling and holding back approval as a form of punishment.

3)      Social abuse exhibits itself as insulting you in public, putting down your abilities, checking up on you constantly, demanding all your attention, threatening to hurt friends or family, isolating you from friends or activities, forcing you to take drugs or not allowing you to obtain citizenship.

4)     Sexual abuse is forced, coerced intimate relations without your consent. The abuser or others by his command often use physical harm and sometimes mutilation. It also includes forcing you to watch pornography or participate in it. False accusations about you having sex with another may be used.

5)      Spiritual abuse discounts your sense of right and wrong, ridiculing your spiritual beliefs, questioning your sense of reality and motives and may even include forcing you into his religion.

6)     Financial abuse controls you by your having no say in the financial decisions while the abuser withholds all monies, may squander the paycheck and not meet the financial obligations then blame you for the problem caused.

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